Heston Completed spoons whittled from a few branches of a Myrrh tree.

Completed spoons whittled from a few branches of a Myrrh tree. Part 5

Well we are at the end of this interesting project from when it first started with the call from Jenifer Forde at the BBC and arriving with the myrrh wood and asking me if I could whittle 6 Myrrh spoons for Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas programme. You can see below a selection of photos of the finished project.

A special thanks to Jenifer Forde for asking me to do the myrrh spoons for them and every success to Heston Blumenthal with his Christmas show.

Below from left to right are The Stanley knife which I used to whittle the spoons, a sample of the spoon I had to copy, the finished myrrh spoon and the myrrh wood that I made them from.

Heston spoons start 12
To get the idea of the size of the spoon bowl it was just under the size of a 10p piece and the stem about 4mm round and all done with a Stanley knife.
Heston spoons start 13
 Sample of the myrrh wood with the bark on and a finished spoon.
Heston spoons start 14
Six completed myrrh spoons with the thorn tops.
Heston spoons start 15
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Completed Heston Blumenthal’s Myrrh spoons Part 5

Watch the video below and see how Heston made the Myrrh spoons part of is Christmas show

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